Private Land Antelope Hunts

Recently we've expanded our regions of hunting specialty and decided to introduce our private land antelope guided hunts to our loyal clients as well as NM draw hunts. With our antelope hunts we put two hunters with one guide to experience an antelope chase together. Our antelope hunts include: three days fully guided, food and lodging as well as ranch access and a letter of permission from the ranch owners. We have had seasons with 100% success/opportunities.  This is a fantastic high success hunt for the  whole family!

Starting at $3900 is per person

As exciting and adventurous our hunts may be there is still a limited availability for each and every hunt. Our private land and unit-wide hunts only come and go depending on the availability of tags as well as ranches. It is operated on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, a written contract including the outfitter's signature and the hunter's is required with every hunt including the obligations of both Wildspirit Outfitters and the hunter him or herself. Each of our guides are trained and knowledgeable of the task at hand and are CPR certified. It's just you, your guide, and the Great Outdoors.