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Customer Testimonials

Great experience with a great guide. Not many outfitters advertise as making you feel like family and actually follow through like Andrew. He works just as hard on the first day of the hunt as he does on the last to make something happen. His knowledge of the area is unsurpassed. Meals and lodging were exceptional as well!

Andrew Jones

[5 STARS on Google]

Adeline Currington

Thank ya'll for this wonderful opportunity to learn & grow, not only as a hunter but as a person as well. I had so much and thank ya'll for never giving up on this Louisiana girl. Thank ya'll for being kind, understanding & encouraging to me when I felt like giving up. I will never forget these hunts & the people I have met along the way. Give thanks to your wife for taking care of us with her food. Happy hunting & many blessing to your family. 

LeAnn McQuillin

I found hunting with Andrew McWilliams to be an excellent experience. He helped me work through the application and licensing process with NM F&G to get the proper license and tag. His accommodations and meals were excellent. He was professional in every way. His dogs were well trained and we had a successful hunt the very first day we were out. He helped me to get my trophy to a local taxidermist to process the trophy. In summary, this was a great experience. I found Andrew to be professional, experienced houndsman and great hunting partner. His knowledge of the local area is unsurpassed. You can depend on him finding you the trophy that you are looking for and getting you into the position to take that trophy. I can not make a higher recommendation for a professional hunter.

Tom Byrd

We had an adventure of a lifetime. Andrew is very passionate and knowledgeable at what he does. Just finished our five day cougar hunt. He and his son worked hard each and every day to make sure we ate well, we hunted good, and that we were comfortable at all times. Andrew's wife does the cooking and every single meal was fantastic. The living conditions of their new cabin are as good as it gets. It felt as if he wanted my dream of getting a lion to come true just as much as I did. The hunting experience was something that words cannot explain. Andrew's drive and passion reflects directly on his dogs. His hounds do not stop at anything and will do everything possible to get a lion in a tree. This is a hard working outfitter that really emphasizes the importance of the little things. They treat people right and will go the extra mile to ensure that your experience is a trip of a lifetime. Their enthusiasm on the hunts and back at the cabin really create a peaceful atmosphere. There were hard conditions all five days with no snow on the ground. We worked hard together during our hunts which made the experience of walking up to a huge Tom Mountain Lion in a tree that much more satisfying. Thank you Andrew for helping my dad and I create and experience together neither one of us will ever forget. We cannot tell you enough how much we enjoyed the hunting and the conversations back at camp. You will be the only outfitter I call on my next trip to New Mexico. 

Trey Hicks

What an amazing adventure! I was hesitant at first with the constant back and forth of the 2020 Covid Pandemic and political standings. Eventually I ran a gamble with this Outfit booking an Elk hunt, one of which the the outfitter, Andrew himself exclaimed was outstanding. I already had a good feeling of my hunt before it started because of the great customer “service” or feedback directly from the outfitter himself whether answering a simple question of mine or guiding me step by step through the draw process. Day one of the hunt rolled by and it started early in the morning without a minute lost an obvious sign that this outfitter cares for the services it provides. It was no doubt that Andrew was an experienced hunter, he knew the places and areas in which elk lived and roamed, he didn’t just express this with words but yet put those words to real life in a matter of an hour within our first morning. It was life left and right watching elk after elk with several opportunities presenting itself. Needless to say our hunt ended early with success. An experience you’d never forget. The customer service and genuine friendliness and honesty makes the whole experience that much better. I’ll be coming back next year. Thank you Wildspirit Oufitters  for accomplishing what many outfitters havent been able to do.

Peter Levington

I've hunted 2 years with Andrew and both experiences were great. I was looking for big bulls and the first year Andrew delivered. He understands the hard work required to harvest these majestic animals. 

BTW....his wife is an amazing cook as well.

Thanks Wildspirit for a great experience!

Brandon Powell

What a hunt!! Booked a 7 day elk rifle hunt, on public ground this past October 2020, and after FOUR opportunities earlier in the day we killed a great bull on the 1st evening!

Andrew is a first class hunter and guide. The man knows elk. #GURU He and his son go hard! From the moment we parked the truck that morning until we packed the last bit of meat down the hill the next morning - these guys don't quit!! 

I highly recommend Wildspirit Outfitters!! Book now! 

Jeremy Critchfield

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