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Our Unique Draw/O.T.C Hunts

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Mountain Lion

5 day New Mexico Cougar hunt. Come hunt behind some of the  best cougar hounds in the Southwest! Our experienced guides will lead you through some spectacular country in pursuit of these elusive predators. Once a mature Tom track is located it is game on! With all our cougar hunts food, lodging, guiding, and packing is included.

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Spring Turkey Hunts. Come hunt the elusive Merriums Turkey with us! This challenging Bird will keep you on your toes. Let Our professional guides help you coax this elusive ridge runner out from cover and get you a shot! Our turkey hunts are offered with three days fully guided and includes lodging, food, guiding as well as packing.

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Black Bear

4 day New Mexico Black Bear Hunt. This fast paced hunt is NOT for the faint of Heart! Come chase New Mexico Black Bears with professional guides and highly trained Bear dogs, through beautiful country. Not to mention beautiful, color phase Bears in New Mexico ( Blondes, Cinnamon, Browns, and Black) Awesome! With all our black bear hunts food, lodging, guiding, and packing is included.

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Barbary Sheep

Our barbary sheep hunts include 5 fully guided days tracking down the notorious barbary sheep. Public and private land hunts are available. With our Barbary sheep hunts food, lodging, guiding, and packing our included to make your experience as memorable as possible.

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NM Elk

A once in a lifetime adventure hunting trophy bull elk in New Mexico. Our trained guides will put you on the Big Bulls! Our knowledge of the area and the art of calling are sure to get you in on some action!  With all our Elk hunts food, lodging, guiding, and packing is included. With our draw elk hunts we assist you in putting in as well as providing the right amount of days for your type of hunt (5 days for rifle: 5 days for muzzle-loader: 6 days for archery).

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Mule Deer

5 day adventure hunting Mule Deer in the Mountains of New Mexico. Our experience, spotting and stalking the grey ghost will provide you with some amazing opportunities. Nothing like stalking into shooting distance of a mature Buck!! Heart pounding, good times! With our one of a kind mule deer hunts we provide our hunters with lodging, food,  guiding, and packing. Our mule deer hunts also come with the options of private or public land.

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As exciting and adventurous our hunts may be there is still a limited availability for each and every hunt. Our private land and unit-wide hunts only come and go depending on the availability of tags as well as ranches. It is operated on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, a written contract including the outfitter's signature and the hunter's is required with every hunt including the obligations of both WildSpirit Outfitters and the hunter him or herself. Each of our guides are trained and knowledgeable of the task at hand and are CPR certified. It's just you, your guide, and the Great Outdoors.